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10 Biggest Android 12 Features, Release Date, Beta, Name & More

The first developer preview (DP) of Android 12 which is the next major update for Android devices, is around the corner. Although many are still waiting for their Android 11 update but that’s past the point.

Android is the most used smartphone operating system in the entire world. Naturally, many are excited about the new version of Android.

In this article, we will talk about Android 12 best features, Android 12 release date, what Android 12 will be called and a lot more.

Android 12 code name

For those of you who are looking for the Android 12 name — we hate to break it to you, but Android 12 will be called Android 12. That’s because Google stopped assigning dessert names to Android versions starting in 2019. For the past two years, it has been Android 10, Android 11, and now Android 12.

However, last year we learned that Google is still internally assigning desert names to the latest Android versions. For instance, Android 11 (R) is internally called “Red Velvet Cake.” Based on Android 12 leaks, the next Android version i.e. Android S will be internally known as “Snow Cone.”

Android 12 release date

With every Android release, Google posts an official roadmap where we get tentative dates for the Android version’s developer preview release, beta release, and stable release.

Last year, Android 11 Developer Preview 1 arrived in February, with DP 2 and DP3 in subsequent months. We are hoping Google will follow the same timeline. In other words, you can expect Android 12 Developer Preview 1 in the next few days.

As the name suggests, developer previews are intended for developers. While they are available to general users, the builds are barely stable and come with several issues. That being said, the excitement and pleasure of getting the latest Android version first are worth the risks.

Meanwhile, you can expect Android 12 public betas in the month of May, June, and July. Like last year, the timeline might get extended due to the COVID-19, however, it will likely be a single-month delay.

After two or three Android 12 betas, Google would finally release the Android 12 stable build in August or September.

10 Biggest Android 12 Features

Here are the best Android 12 features based on Android 12 leaks and rumors. We will update this article when the first developer preview of Android 12 comes out.

1. Revamped Notification panel

Android 12 notification panel

Unlike Android 11, which added a big new feature called “Conversations” to the Notification panel, Android 12 appears to be focusing on design changes.

Based on the leaked Android 12 mockups, it appears that the Quick settings menu will have four large icons instead of having six smaller icons which is the default in Android 11.

Another big change we are seeing is the addition of camera and microphone access warning indicators visible in the top right corner of the Notification panel.

2. Conversation Widget

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