If you have been following Shreyas Iyer playing cricket recently then you must have noticed a black colour sticker on his right triceps with the symbol ‘K’. Well, that sticker has nothing to do with Kolkata Knight Riders and neither is he supporting any general social cause by wearing that sticker. The ‘K’ sticker is basically an expensive fitness gadget by a Bengaluru startup called Ultrahuman.

The right-handed batter recently partnered with Ultrahuman and started using a product called Ultrahuman M1. It is basically a continuous real-time blood glucose monitor that pairs with an iPhone app called Ultrahuman. Not just Shreyas Iyer, you will soon get to this ‘K’ sticker on your Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn timelines as the startup is luring a lot of influencers to promote their product.

It focuses on metabolic fitness by tracking blood glucose and other “advanced biomarkers” to provide health insights. In simple words, the Ultrahuman M1 or the ‘K’ sticker consists of a biosensor that needs to be attached to your tricep. This biosensor basically reads your blood glucose levels real-time and relays the same to an app on iPhone called Ultrahuman. For those unaware, your blood glucose levels keep changing every minute. So, this device basically tells how much energy is there in your body real-time and when you should sleep, eat or workout.

“Think of a small sensor that is always attached to your body and tells you exactly when your body needs food, when it’s the best time to workout and what lifestyle you should adopt to stay fit. This is exactly what the Ultrahuman platform or Ultrahuman Cyborg offers. It’s like a live fuel meter for your body, considering the fuel for the body as blood glucose,” explained Vatsal Singhal, Co-founder & CTO, of Ultrahuman, in an interaction with Debashis Sarkar of News18 Tech.

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The company is founded by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal. Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal had earlier founded the hyper local logistics service provider called Runnr, which was acquired and merged with Zomato in 2017. After working for a few years at Zomato, Mohit and Vatsal opted to start Ultrahuman.

It’s understandable that blood glucose levels are only discussed in India when you are already suffering from diabetes.The concept of Ultrahuman chip is simple: monitor your blood glucose on a regular basis so that you don’t get diabetes at all. Also, to understand your blood glucose levels properly to make the most out of it.

Talking about the cost, the Ultrahuman chip comes with different subscription packages: 2 weeks, 12 weeks and 52 weeks starting at Rs 4,999, Rs 24,999 and Rs 1,04,999. The K sticker or CGM sensor needs to be changed after every 15 days. And to get the maximum benefit out of this, you will ideally have to use it on a daily basis. This means every year you need to spend above Rs 1 lakh for getting real-time blood glucose monitoring.

So, that’s the story of the ‘K’ sticker– a clever marketing campaign!

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