A real-time voice changer app named Voicemod is starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform users’ voice into legendary Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman’s voice, along with other characters like pilots, astronauts, and more.

Voicemod, the app, has been transforming voices since a long time with classic sound design techniques. However, the new voice effects combine AI as well. The ‘Mogran’ voice, as the company calls it, allows users to pretend to be Morgan Freeman or simply a polished voice actor. The new effects also seem a lot of fun, with sound effects that make it sound like users are flying an aircraft.

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The voices in Voicemod’s new AI-based pilot are processed in real-time, making them ideal for streaming or for prank-calling your friends. All the data for these voices has been generated with the help of English-speaking voice actors, with characteristics that match the voice that is being recreated, a report in The Verge said. To input data, these voice actors read scripts to generate data for AI-based models, and then sound designers use traditional sound design techniques to turn the voices into a full-fledged characters.

As these AI voices are processed on your PC, they will require more CPU power than regular Voicemod effects. The beta version for this is live right now, and users can download it on their PCs via their website www.voicemod.net.

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Now, the ability to sound like Morgan Freeman in real-time sounds really cool, since many people across the world indulge in fun activities that require voice modulation. It is not known as to how well this AI-based model will work, but it is interesting to know that there is an app that will turn your voice into Morgan Freeman’s voice in real-time.

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