Microsoft is bringing more granular privacy features for its users with Windows 11 and making it more transparent in terms of the features used by apps. According to the latest beta release, Windows 11 users will get details about which apps are using your microphone, camera or even location to work on the device.

The new tool will be available under the Privacy & security option that sits within the main settings of the operating system. In addition to this, Windows 11 users will also get the entire history of all the features accessed by apps and when it was last accessed. Details of this new Windows 11 privacy tool were shared by Dave Weston, Vice President – Enterprise and OS security, Microsoft last week.

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It is obvious that Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Apple and Google’s playbook and there is no harm in following suit with features like these, where the user is more informed about their privacy.

Most of these privacy tools have been built for mobile devices in recent years, but we are forgetting the role that a PC plays even in this day and age. iOS, iPadOS and Android 12 have shown us the importance of giving users all the information about apps and what tools on the device they access or need permission for.

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The ability to grant or deny access is powerful, one that has helped people become more aware of how apps function on their devices and seek permissions for the camera, location or even mic when they don’t really need them.

Windows 11 seems to be trying out this new option for the developer channel as of now, but expect all Windows 11 users to get it on their PCs in the coming months once the bugs have been fixed and the stable release is ready to be rolled out.

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