True wireless headphones are one of the most popular type of audio products in current day and age. Smartphone users, while looking for a new set of earphoes, mostly opt for true wireless for the convenience they offer over wired or band-style earphones. However, true wireless earphones do come with their own set of problems.

Users of true wireless earphones have over the world pointed out issues with connectivity, latency, sound quality, mic issues, and more. While the technology has come way forward since the start of the trend, there are still minor issues that crop up every now and then. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common issues people face with true wireless earphones, and their potential fixes. Let’s take a look.

Earphones Not Connecting To Device

If you are not able to pair your earphones with your smartphone or any othe device, and the earphones are not showing in the Bluetooth settings, there are a few things that one can try. Firstly, make sure the earphones are charged and both the earbuds are inside the case. You also need to make sure that the earphones are in pairing mode. There are different ways to do it in different pairs, but in most TWS earbuds, if there is a single button on the case, long-pressing it puts the earphones in pairing mode. If not, you will find the instructions to put it in pairing mode on the user manual.

If it still not shows in the settings, you need to check if the earphones are even compatible with your smartphones.

You can also see if the earphones are paired to another device and disconnect it from other devices, if that is the case.

One Earbud Not Working

Sound not coming from one earpiece is a very common problem with headphone users. TWS users also face the issue. A lot of times, the battery for one earbud runs out faster, so it puts the user in a panic state. However, if both the buds are fully charged and one is still not working, you need to get your earbuds repaired or replaced.

Earbuds Not Charging

This is a similar issue that smartphone users also face a lot. If your TWS earphones are not charging, you can try and clean the port and the connector, since a lot of times a lot of dust gets inside the ports. However, a malfunctioned battery is something that cannot be fixed with hacks or tips.

Poor Mic Quality

Microphone is one of the most crucial aspect of owning earphones, and sadly, most manufacturers still have not been able to get the mic on TWS earphones just right. Users face a lot of issues with poor call quality. The only things to check and do here are to clean the mic on the earphones, check the network coverage, or come closer to your phone while speaking.

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