Taking a direct stand on balancing openness and security of its platform, Samsung said that it doesn’t believe in keeping users locked in a closed ecosystem of just Samsung devices to provide security for their data. In an interaction, Dr. Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security, Samsung Electronics said, “We stand for openness, rather than keeping people locked in a closed ecosystem. Openness doesn’t expose us to greater risk. It makes us stronger and offers the best, most secure experience possible.”

Samsung, which is one of the most important partners for giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft for consumer devices, talked about better integration with other companies, including startups, to improve the overall experience for end-users. This is quite unlike its arch rival– Apple, which has always created a walled-ecosystem with different hardware and software differences, claiming that it helps in boosting security for users.

”We believe that everyone – no matter where they come from, or how much they paid for their device – deserves to feel secure,” said Dr. Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security, Samsung Electronics

“We treat users’ secrets as State secrets,” claimed Dr. Shin. Highlighting the importance of Samsung Knox– Samsung’s security platform, he said, “ Knox started off as an enterprise security solution, and quickly evolved into a holistic defence-grade security platform that provides true end-to-end protection throughout our products’ entire lifecycle, for consumers and businesses alike.”

“We know very well that the only way for openness to work is to gain people’s trust. To keep them safe every step of the way by protecting what matters most to them and giving them full control over their privacy,” he added.

Explaining the potency of Knox, he said , “Samsung Knox Vault provides an extra layer of protection for critical information like biometric authenticators and cryptographic keys. It combines our Secure Processor with a new Secure Memory Chip to isolate such sensitive data from the rest of the device, including its OS. And, as one of the only companies to design and build its own products, we’re able to offer end-to-end protection – across our organisation and the supply chain – to protect our entire portfolio.”

Talking about key security features, Dr. Shin highlighted, “We protect every single level of the device – from the chipset, to the OS and apps – with hardware-backed security. We created TEEgris, an operating system for security that allows partners to use hardware cryptography, encryption and access controls for a more secure app experience.”

Samsung claims that it runs integrity checks of key security components and functions to prevent unauthorised software from loading to the device.“Our patented Real-Time Kernel Protection and DEFEX are among the only technologies to intercept any critical actions that could compromise the device while powered on,” he added.

Samsung recently introduced up to four generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades on some Galaxy smartphones to expand the lifespan of these devices. “At the end of the day, we believe that everyone – no matter where they come from, or how much they paid for their device – deserves to feel secure,” he mentioned.

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