Bluetooth low energy or LE has been around for a few years now, taking care of your small wireless gadgets that are paired with a smartphone. But with the changing trends, it is imperative that Bluetooth LE was customised specifically for audio devices like your wireless headphones and truly wireless earbuds. These devices currently support Bluetooth LE but their features have evolved without any changes in compatibility.

But that’s exactly where the Bluetooth LE Audio promises to enhance the feature set for users. So, what is Bluetooth LE Audio, how is it different from the regular LE standard, and what can users expect from the new connectivity feature.

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What Is Bluetooth LE Audio

Bluetooth LE Audio is the name of the feature but within the standard there are a lot of new additions been made for the convenience of the users. Audio devices have evolved in the past few years, and now you mostly have wireless headphones, earphones as well as earbuds in the market, selling across different price range.

Bluetooth LE Audio was expected to be announced back in 2020 but various reasons have delayed its availability. That is about to change with the new Bluetooth LE Audio compatibility being offered through the Android 13 this year.

How Is Bluetooth LE Audio Different From Regular Bluetooth LE?

Bluetooth LE Audio is aimed at audio devices, promising battery efficiency, support for new audio codecs wirelessly and deliver the audio in high quality. Wireless devices are small, so it is a challenge to fit them with a large capacity battery, but with the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, that problem should be fixed.

The regular Bluetooth LE standard caters to a large bouquet of small gadgets, which includes smartwatches and fitness bands among others.

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How Do Users Benefit From Bluetooth LE Audio

We have already talked about its better efficiency to give you longer battery backup. But the most exciting aspect about this new standard is a feature called Auracast. This technology is claimed to offer music from one smartphone to multiple users. So, you and your friends using different earbuds or headphones can listen to the tracks playing from the same phone. We are eager to see how that works in real-time.

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When Can We Try Bluetooth LE Audio And How?

Bluetooth LE Audio is already supported by the Android 13 Beta versions, and is expected to be part of the final release later this year. We don’t expect the current set of phones upgrading to Android 13 will be able to make the best use of Bluetooth LE Audio. But the new ones coming with Android 13 out of the box should get the hardware support for the aforementioned features.

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