Google continues to improvise and add new features on Maps for its users, and we are likely to see more options on the platform very soon. Maps is used for navigation by millions, and over the years, it has given us tools to make travelling easy. Soon, Google Maps could also become your saviour by helping you save money on fuel bills of your car.

According to a new report, Maps has shown signs that it will have an option where you can choose the type of your car’s engine. So, if you have a petrol, diesel, hybrid or even an electric car, Maps will be able to help you with the best route for your travel.

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Maps will probably ask the user to choose the type of car they drive, and based on that it can identify the most economical way of driving to the destination.

It could be quite effective to have such filters, especially with the fuel prices going up at a regular pace these days. Maps already has route selection based on the mode of transport such as car, two-wheeler or even by foot.

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Some might say that fuel efficiency is more based on the driving style, road conditions and the traffic density in an area. But Google could identify certain pockets in the area and give you a better route alternative.

In some countries, Maps has already started offering details about charging stations for electric cars, and even electric bikes. So it is possible Google already has the data for EVs to make their driving range last longer.

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Either way, we are eager to see how and when Google roll out this feature on Maps. Having said that, the report is quick to suggest that Google could decide against bringing the feature to everyone, especially if its results don’t meet its expectations.

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