Google Pixel 6A launch is expected sometime this month, as per multiple reports. The Pixel 6A made its debut at the Google I/O earlier this year, and the company confirmed its launch in India with a cheeky tweet a few hours after the official bow at the keynote. Pixel 6A will be the first phone from Google after the Pixel 4A to launch in India.

We didn’t get the Pixel 4a 5G or the Pixel 5 series, and even then Pixel 6 flagship models. So, it is good to see Google finally bring the Pixel 6A to the market. Pixel 6A was revealed but we got very few details from the company about the new device.

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But thankfully, multiple leaks have given us a better idea about the phone and its possible pricing. Here’s what we know about the Pixel 6A, its features and more.

Pixel 6A Focuses On The Camera, Again

The best thing about the Pixels has been the cameras, and even the Pixel lineup gets some of the love. With Pixel 6A we expect nothing different, even though the number of sensors are going to be limited to two. Google uses its software optimisation to give you top-notch photos, and Pixel 6A could benefit from using the new Tensor chipset.

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Flagship Hardware For Less Money

Google introduced the Tensor chipset with the Pixel 6 series last year, and now the Pixel 6A will also utilise its capabilities. Google is following Apple’s cue by keeping the hardware and software within its corners, giving it tighter control over the systems and future updates. Also, Pixel 6A gives you the chance to experience this flagship hardware without spending big.

Not Everything Expected To Be Good

Now that we have talked about the good parts, Pixel 6A is lining up for some concerns as well. Reports indicate it carries an OLED display but with only 60Hz refresh rate supported. Most phones these days come with at least 90Hz screen, so for Google to miss out on this feature does feel like a big drawback of the device.

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It’s All About The Price

Google Pixel 6A is rumoured to cost around Rs 37,000 in the Indian market, which puts it in competition with brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and many more. Indian consumers are generally spec-conscious, but Pixel 6A could help them change that mindset with its overall package.

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