Wednesday, April 14, 2021

6 reasons to invest in enterprise architecture tools

Enterprise architecture is designed to bring order to the vast realm of corporate IT and its burgeoning collection of machines and software, a cornucopia unimaginable just a few decades ago. Desktops, tablets, phones — screens as far as the eye can see. And that’s not counting screenless gadgets like sensors, audio devices that answer to “Alexa,” and everything else from the so-called internet of things.

Alas, the digital abundance isn’t always a gift. After all, it all comes with responsibilities. The machines, algorithms, software upgrades, and the colo farms seem to multiply and someone needs to watch over them and care for them.

At their core, enterprise architecture (EA) tools maintain a master list of assets in the form of a database table that catalogs the devices. Then it adds a collection of features for displaying this information in a way that’s easy to use. The magic comes from the team that deploys the software, fills it with data, and then uses it to make smarter decisions.

Is all of this tabulating, curating, and tracking worth it? Is the fuss worth the bother? Here are six reasons why investing in an enterprise architecture solution can be worthwhile for your organization — and some gotchas to keep in mind when relying on EA tools.

Order is good

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