Tuesday, May 17, 2022

7 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2021

Cloud computing has become the preferred model for modernizing IT portfolios, with CIOs claiming that migrating applications to a combination of public and private clouds affords them greater business agility.

And during the pandemic the increased consumption of cloud services to boost business resiliency and transition to ecommerce models served as perhaps the best validations of the market for software provisioned over the internet.

Yet several challenges remain to implementing hybrid cloud environments, including the virtual sprawl that accompanies large migrations. The financial models of operating cloud environments present unique challenges, too, as IT leaders have found that poor governance can render running cloud software more expensive than operating compute services on premises. And don’t forget the difficulty of keeping up with the latest cloud services and architectures.

Even so, the upside of executing a cloud strategy at a high level is too great for most IT leaders to ignore. CIO.com looks at the top trends that will shape cloud strategies in 2021.

1. The business value struggle is real

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