Saturday, May 8, 2021

Deal of the Day: This pocket-sized mini projector is just $99.99 ($50 off)

Miroir Element M75 DLP Mini Projector Best Buy Deal

Imagine being able to pull a 50-inch screen out of your pocket wherever you go. The Miroir Element M75 DLP mini projector lets you do just that, and it’s on offer today. Until midnight, you can pick it up for just $99.99 ($50 off) from Best Buy.

At just 3.5 inches square and 1.8 inches tall, the projector is ultra-portable. It weighs only 0.8lb, yet it can come with you on your travels and project a screen the size of a large TV. Imagine the possibilities. You could be streaming your favorite shows when out on a camping trip, or just saving space in your room and projecting YouTube videos onto the wall.

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The Element M75 features Texas Instruments DLP technology for bright, vibrant images, at 640x360p native resolution – ideal for small groups in dark spaces. A 1W speaker brings the sound, or you can connect your own speaker or headphones for a more immersive viewing experience.

Don’t miss your chance to get a big discount on this handy device. The widget below takes you to the deal.

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