Monday, November 29, 2021

Google is banning sugar daddy apps from the Play Store

In brief: There are several types of apps Google doesn’t allow on its store, including pornography, those promoting hate speech, any that sell dangerous products, and, as of September 1, another category: sugar daddy apps.

Android Police reports that Google’s latest Play Store policy update includes new restrictions on sexual content, specifically prohibiting “compensated sexual relationships,” i.e. sugar daddy or sugar dating apps.

For those unfamiliar, sugar daddy is the term for an older, usually quite wealthy man who financially compensates a woman for companionship and/or sexual favors. There are also sugar mommys, which is the same arrangement but with the male and female roles reversed.

There are currently several of these apps available on the Play Store, many of them with the words “Sugar Daddy” in their names. Some have over one million downloads, and most have user ratings of four stars or higher.

“Are you looking for a generous sugar daddy seeking arrangements? Do you want a beautiful and young sugar baby to increase the fun of life? Whether you are seeking serious sugar daddy relationships or casual hookup dating, you can make full use of the online secret arrangement dating app and find both of them easily and safely,” reads one of the app’s descriptions.

Sadly for those who use these apps, they will be removed from the store on September 1, leaving users the option of a website or sideloading, the latter of which can come with security risks.

Elsewhere, Google is updating its Financial Services policy so that as of September 15, the definition of what the total cost of a loan is will be clarified, and all personal loan apps must be properly tagged under the Finance category. Additionally, on September 29, Google will prohibit spam text and graphics in app titles, icons, and developer names.

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