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Google to make Pixel 4a successor in India, to increase supply too

Google is soon to launch the Pixel 4a successor, the Pixel 5a this year. Ahead of the launch, Google is now expected to focus more on India by bringing more Pixel 5a units in the country. Also Read – Google is looking to monetise GPay users’ transactional data in India

The expected smartphone strategy in India for the upcoming Google Pixel phone is a follow-up to the company’s strategy of doubling down the Pixel 4a units last year. Also Read – Google Pixel 6 to come with new design, front camera changes, Pixel 5a launch date leaked

India will get more Pixel 5a units than Pixel 4a

It is suggested that Google will launch the Pixel 5a in larger quantities in India with an aim to increase sales in the country. Google is also expected to make some part of the Pixel inventory in India calling for more locally-made Pixel phones, which can possibly help in lowering the Pixel price tag further. Also Read – How to block ad tracking on iOS and Android platform

An anonymous Google executive, in a statement to the Economic Times, said, “Google doubled inventory for Pixel for India last year and this year the intention is to further increase the focus and get a larger share from global inventory for the India market.”

In addition to this, Google is also being calculative in deciding the upcoming Pixel’s price by keeping a close eye on Apple and OnePlus’ strategy in the sub-40K price segment. To recall, Google priced the Pixel 4a quite competitively and aims to follow a similar strategy for the Pixel 5a. This will be the company’s yet another attempt to compete with other smartphone makers and help in increasing the Pixel phone sales.

To keep the prices low, Google didn’t bring the 5G Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 to India, considering the unavailability of 5G in the country and the expensive 5G Qualcomm chip. “Why do we want an expensive phone when Indians can’t use 5G. Because of hardware cost, 5G variants weren’t launched in India,” said the Google executive.

Furthermore, Google aims to show the Pixel phones’ presence in multiple price segments, meaning we can expect to see Pixel devices of varying prices; affordable, mid-range, and even high-end ones.

Pixel 5a leaks at a glance

While we lack concrete details, the Google Pixel 5a is highly expected to be a mid-ranger, following the footsteps of the Pixel 4a and the Pixel 3a. It is expected to come with a mid-ranger Qualcomm processor (possibly from the Snapdragon 700 series), improved cameras, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and more.

The device is most likely to carry forward the design seen on the Pixel 4a but with some changes. It could come with a smaller punch-hole. The Pixel 5a is expected to launch on June 11, which will be much sooner than the August launch of the Pixel 4a.

Since details aren’t concrete, we’d like you to take them with a grain of salt and wait for official information for a better idea.

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