Monday, October 18, 2021

Huawei Mate X2 teaser hints at new folding screen design

Huawei has posted another teaser for its upcoming Mate X2 folding phone on Weibo, offering the strongest hint yet that it’ll move away from the original Mate X’s design. The first Mate X, announced in 2019 and refreshed in 2020, had a single large screen that folded in half so that the display was on the outside of the device. The follow-up phone, however, looks like it’ll fold the other way, more like Samsung’s Galaxy Folds.

Making reference to a new design for the Mate X2, the teaser image shows the phone from the side open at an angle, with a glow on the inside of the hinge. The picture is also a reference to the timing of the event, which will take place at 8PM China time (7AM ET) on February 22nd.

Here’s the full teaser image:

The announcement will coincide with Mobile World Congress Shanghai next week, which has swapped its traditional summer slot with the larger Barcelona event. As of now, the GSM Association still plans for MWC Barcelona to take place in person from June 28th, but those plans could of course change depending on the pandemic situation, and phone companies are likely to have planned new device launches for around February and March as usual.

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