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Latest Steam survey: RTX 3070 is the month’s top performer, AMD edges closer to 30% CPU share

What just happened? Valve’s Steam Survey for March has arrived. As finding graphics cards right now is a nigh-on impossible task outside of paying a fortune on eBay, there wasn’t a lot of movement in the GPU section. However, the product that saw the most significant monthly growth was the RTX 3070, up 0.17%. Elsewhere, it was another excellent month for AMD, whose processors are now found in almost 30% of users’ PCs.

Steam’s survey, which is optional among users, can give us a good idea of gamers’ hardware-buying habits.

The GTX 1060 keeps the top GPU spot it’s held since dethroning the GTX 750 Ti back in December 2017—but its popularity has been declining steadily since the start of the year. And it appears some people are able to buy an RTX 3070. The Ampere offering saw the largest monthly growth for an individual card—up 0.17%—and now sits in 17th position with a 1.29% share.

Interestingly, the GTX 1650 experienced the second-highest jump (0.15%), putting it closer to the second-place 1050 Ti. We heard today that Nvidia is increasing supply of the GTX 1650 to the desktop market—could we be looking a future contender for the survey’s number one spot?

All the Ampere cards experienced increases last month: the RTX 3080 (0.08%), RTX 3060 Ti (0.04%), and the RTX 3090 (0.03%). Still no sign of AMD’s Radeon RX 6000-series, though.

AMD can take solace in the fact its CPUs are performing well. It continues to chip away at Intel’s share, having now reached 29.97% of participants’ computers. That marks a near 4% rise since the start of 2021.

The Oculus Quest remains the top VR headset with a 24.25% share, putting it ahead of the Oculus Rift S (20.96%) and the Valve Index HMD (16.37%).

Finally, Windows 10 (64 bit) keeps marching toward total dominance; its 0.37% increase means the OS is now found on 92% of PCs. 1920 x 1080 is still the most popular resolution by far (67.35%), and nearly half the participants use 16 GB of RAM.

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