Saturday, May 8, 2021

Linux Mint 20.2 Will Remind (And Insist) Users To Install Updates

Yesterday, Linux Mint project founder Clement Lefebvre shared that the Mint team has started to improve and add new features for the Update Manager.

Surprisingly, the new manager will not just look for available updates, but it will also monitor some metrics such as the last time updates were applied, or packages were upgraded, and the number of days a particular update is being shown.

Moreover, the Update Manager will also remind you to apply new updates and even insist in some cases.

It may look like forceful (Windows) updates for some users. However, Clem says that the new change is here to help, not get in your way and make Linux Mint harder to use.

Actually, the Update Manager’s improvements are the result of statistics about security updates that Clem shared last week.

According to the stats, about 30% of Linux Mint users apply updates in less than a week.

Even between 5% and 30% of users still use Linux Mint 17.x, which has already reached EOL (End-Of-Life) in April 2019.

And since Mint 17.x no longer receives any security updates for almost 2 years now, no users should be running Linux Mint 17.x.

That is why Linux Mint has started to work to help users addressing the security concern by improving the Linux Mint Update Manager.

As Linux Mint 20.1 ‘Ulyssa’ arrived almost two months ago, the new Manager will feature in the next release, i.e., Linux Mint 20.2.

Though the Mint team is still forming strategies and deciding when and how the manager should make itself more visible, it would be exciting to see the reaction of users once it lands in the next release.

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