Saturday, June 12, 2021

Live action vs. animated features: How computer graphics are used to make movies

The workflow and software pipelines that have come to define Animated and Visual Effects (photoreal) feature production are traditionally divergent, but as virtual production sweeps the film industry, the distinctions between them are disappearing.


Whether working on a CG animated feature or working on the visual effects (VFX) for a photoreal feature, the design methodologies, development workflow, and software tools are almost identical during pre-production.  Artists create 2D artwork using tools like Photoshop to flesh out characters, environments, and events in the film.  Sometimes 3D artwork is created using tools like Zbrush, Dpaint, Modo and 3D-Coat. 2D storyboards or beatboards are drawn to develop the action and are often edited into a boardomatic to help work out timing issues and tune the preliminary running length of the film. 

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Lindy De Quattro is VFX Supervisor at MPC Film

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