Saturday, April 17, 2021

March 2021 Android security update rolls out to Google Pixel devices

Google Pixel 5 front

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Google isn’t just giving Pixel owners a feature drop as the month begins — it’s also providing an important patch. Droid Life reports the company is rolling out Android’s March 2021 security update to Pixel phones ranging from the Pixel 3 to the Pixel 5.

The March update delivers fixes for 43 Android security issues, including eight high-priority vulnerabilities. It may be worth updating for these improvements alone, even if you’re unlikely to face an attack.

However, you might most appreciate the March Android update for its bug fixes. Most notably, the upgrade fixes certain Android Auto disconnects for all Pixel devices. It also addresses the appearance of unwanted missed call notifications on the Pixel 4a series and Pixel 5.

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Other fixes in Android’s March update are likewise focused on the Pixel 4a and 5 lines. You’ll find solutions for a “chopped” full-screen display, broken autorotate functionality and the battery indicator getting “stuck.” A broader update for the entire supported phone range also improves delivery of heads-up notifications for starred contacts while you’re in Do Not Disturb mode.

The March 2021 Android security update should be available now, although you can download factory images or over-the-air files if you can’t wait.

As is often the case, the bigger question may be when your non-Pixel devices get updates. It might not take too much longer — Samsung quickly followed up on the February 2021 upgrade, for example. Still, you might need to be patient if you don’t have a Pixel.

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