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Nextbase 222X dash cam review

Nextbase makes some of our favorite dash cams, but they’re also on the pricey side. The company’s new, Walmart-exclusive, dual-channel (front/rear) 222X reviewed here is more affordable ($139 at, and it handles the basics with Nextbase’s singular style. But it’s less expensive for a reason. Actually, a couple of reasons.

This review is part of our ongoing roundup of the best dash cams. Go there for information on competing products and how we tested them. 

Design and features

Physically, the 222X shares a lot in common with the previously reviewed 422GW, 622GW, and 612GW, starting with its design. It sports a slim and attractive, rectangular body, with a long, tapered lens neck. The front camera’s specs are 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps) with a wide, 140-degree field of view (FOV).

Also like its pricier siblings, it features a port that accepts the included rear-view camera, which is 720p/30 fps, with a 140-degree FOV. We’ve seen this type of camera only from Nextbase and it’s quite clever, using a telescopic lens to capture events outside the rear window. Not having to run a cable to a separate rear-window camera is a nice convenience, though obviously the field of view may be obstructed by roof pillars and the like. 

Modular, with a catch

The rear-view camera module is clever, but the 222X’s modularity has a specific limitation. The module-accepting port is USB Type-C, rather than the mini-HDMI used by previous Nextbase dash cams. That means any existing Nextbase add-on modules will not work, and disappointingly there will be no Type-C modules sold separately.

According to the company, those modules will be sold, but only paired with cameras. This is an issue no other dash cam could possibly suffer, as Nextbase is the only vendor we’re aware of that makes a modular system. Just don’t buy the 222X after having read other reviews, seeing the module port, and thinking it’s the jumping-off point for expanding at a later date. 

More design and features

The 222X’s display is a crisp 2.5-inch color model that shows off the current image and navigation menus nicely. The main body attaches magnetically to a mount adapter housing the mini-USB power jack, which in turn marries with either a sticky or suction mount. Both mount options are included.

On the downside, there’s no GPS and no option for it. While not absolutely vital, it can be very handy to confirm the location of incidents where there are no distinguishing landmarks. Embedded GPS info is also great for tracking your travels.


The Nextbase 222X with its power-up screen shown. The rear-view camera is telescopic and doesn’t cover the interior, just your vehicle’s rear quadrants through the back window. What you’ll see depends on the size of your back window. 

The 222X features a parking mode. When you park, the camera goes to sleep but can wake up when prompted by a G-sensor disturbance to capture video. The internal 320MaH battery will manage 48 hours of sleep time with 15 minutes of recording. That’s nice, but if you’re going to make extensive use of the feature, or want more than two days of run time, Nextbase and I both recommend that you either hard-wire the camera, or use an OBD-II (easier) or powered-mirror adapter (easiest).

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