Tuesday, April 13, 2021

OzTech: AustCyber becomes part of Stone & Chalk; Woolworths trains staff in digital skills; small enterprises gain in procurement targets; NSW tech startups get funds

AustCyber becomes part of Stone & Chalk

The government-funded, not-for-profit AustCyber organisation, which advises government and industry on security practices and encourages export of Australian technology, is becoming a subsidiary of Stone & Chalk, a not-for-profit “technology impact network” that provides support services to technology startups. Stone & Chalk say its clients will get “expertise from AustCyber to ensure they are ‘secure by design’ before they write their very first line of code.”

It also expects the merger to provide a greater voice in shaping policies and regulations around technology products and services, as well as be more able to develop native Australian technology and thus lessen dependencies on imported technology.

Stone & Chalk said that, as a subsidiary, AustCyber will remain as a standalone entity and keep its name.

Woolworths creates $50 million fund for digital skills training

Woolworths has announced a $50 million fund to upskill and reskill staff members in digital, data analytics, machine learning, and robotics over the next three years.

Some of the funding will go towards reskilling existing team members to take on technical and supervisory roles with robotics and automation in new distribution centres. The retailer will also invest in increasing the focus on e-commerce, and it plans to hire and train “thousands” of new online team members.

An online learning platform is planned to help by providing access to training, and Woolworths is working on partnerships with education providers.

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