Tuesday, May 17, 2022

OzTech: Victoria DHHS’s vaccination-management tool; AI scale-ups get $1.5m; Optus data outage

Victoria DHHS invests millions in COVID-19 vaccination-management tool

Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will spend $5.8 million on a COVID-19 vaccination-management tool to be built by Microsoft.

The management tool is set to coordinate logistics and scheduling of the delivery of vaccines to medical clinics, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Victoria gives $1.5 million push for AI scale-ups

Australian venture capital firm Artesian has announced the first group of companies that will benefit from the scale-up program at Melbourne investment firm Boab AI. A scale-up is a young company seeking to grow beyond the startup phase.

The program includes a $1.5 million initial investment from the Victorian government—through its investment agency LaunchVic—and $8 million from Artesian.

Pi.Exchange, Remi AI, Strongroom AI, Plaetos, and Daitum will each receive a minimum of $300,000 in capital as part of a six-month program.There are more than 300 AI startups in Australia, including 65 startups and scale-ups in Victoria.

Optus outage affects data services

Optus customers experienced issues affecting mobile calls, text services, and data services in the early hours of 18 February, affecting both residential and commercial customers. Services were fully restored early afternoon.

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