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Project management guide: Tips, strategies, best practices

Project management is a complex discipline rife with enough key phases, knowledge areas, and terms to fill a glossary. To simplify the key components of successful project management, CIO.com offers the following comprehensive guide to project management, including tips, strategies and best practices.

Project management definition

Project management is a business discipline that involves applying specific processes, knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to meet project goals and deliverables successfully. Project management professionals help drive, guide, and execute company-identified value-added goals by applying processes and methodologies to plan, initiate, execute, monitor, and close all activities related to a given business project in alignment with the organization’s overall strategic objectives.

Project management methodologies

Choosing the right project management methodology (PMM) is a vital step for success. There are many different and, in some cases, overlapping approaches to managing projects. The most popular PMMs in practice today include waterfall, agile, hybrid, critical path method, and critical chain project management, among others. Agile, which includes subvariants such as Lean and Scrum, is increasing in popularity and is being utilized in virtually every industry. Originally adopted by software developers, agile uses short development cycles called sprints to focus on continuous improvement in developing a product or service.


Successful organizations codify project management efforts under an umbrella organization, either a project management office (PMO) or an enterprise project management office (EPMO).

A PMO is an internal or external group that sets direction and maintains and ensures standards, best practices, and the status of project management across an organization. PMOs traditionally do not assume a lead role in strategic goal alignment.

An EPMO has the same responsibilities as a traditional PMO, but with an additional key high-level goal: to align all project, program, and portfolio activities with an organization’s strategic objectives. Organizations are increasingly adopting the EPMO structure, whereby, project, program, and portfolio managers are involved in strategic planning sessions right from the start to increase project success rates.

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