Wednesday, April 14, 2021

r/technology – What’s popular on Facebook? Extreme far right political views and lies, study says

One being worse than the other is not something that really helps the discussion. What are you saying really. When is something (far) right. Is less violence then acceptable as it is not as bad as the worst perpetrator. There’s so many topics to cover.

On the internet we have echochambers for all kinds of groups. Instead of a discussion where genuine conversations can be had we tend to put complete groups into corners and ignore any (valid) point one might have, thus strengthening their believes as they regroup on places where likeminded people are. The future scares me as the attack on one who considers himself neutral or open for discussion is real.

I lack the English knowledge for it, but having a neutral view or being open for discussion is something that seems to be attacked by both sides. “X person is a leftist? I won’t listen regardless what he says.” Especially in the US. In my opinion media is the real problem. They feed on negativity and attacking groups whether left or right. As long as it gives revenue. Setting the tone of how to think (of eachother). People want to have a better life, want to have a little money in the bank and be healthy. I am sure most people think alike.

I am not perfect nor is my country, but wrle got bombarded with US politics and it was truly saddening to see how people turned like rivals you only see in soccer matches. Blind, fierce and cheering whatever their team does. As long as they win. Taking turns to do their say instead of listening to eachother.

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