Friday, July 30, 2021

Report: PlayStation 5 to gain SSD expandable storage support this year

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Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

  • Sony could soon enable M.2 SSD-based high-speed external storage support for the PlayStation 5.
  • The feature will be enabled via a firmware update, per a report.
  • This will allow PS5 owners to install their own expansion drives in the console.

The PlayStation 5 trumped the PS4 with faster storage, a new controller, and better graphics. But there’s one thing the new console lacks — fast expandable storage. Now, it seems that Sony could finally switch on this feature in a forthcoming PS5 update.

Per a report by Bloomberg, Sony will activate the console’s M.2 SSD expandable drive bay and higher fan speeds by the middle of this year. This will let users install M.2 SSD drives in the console to increase that 825GB already baked in. The fan speed update will help the console dissipate the excess heat generated, too.

While 825GB seems like plenty on paper, it’s a challenge for those playing current titles. Only around 667GB is available to the user while new games regularly cross the 100GB barrier. This double-edged sword means PS5 owners are more limited in the number of titles they can realistically install. The PS5 does include support for slower, spinning USB drives, but only legacy titles can be installed and run from these. If you want to play PS5 titles, you need to install them on Sony’s custom internal drive.

It’s unclear if the PlayStation will accept M.2 SSD drives from all manufacturers, but they’ll likely have to match or come close to Sony’s PS5 drive speed and specifications.

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