Sunday, August 1, 2021

Samsung’s 76-inch MicroLED TV will be its smallest yet

Samsung wants to put its gorgeous but pricey MicroLED TVs in more living rooms, with the company announcing a 76-inch model that will be its smallest MicroLED so far.

Samsung unveiled its new, smaller (a relative term, of course) MicroLED TV during its online Unbox and Discover event on Tuesday, during which the manufacturer also touted AirPlay 2 compatibility for its swiveling Sero TVs, a native TikTok app for its smart TV platform, a full-sun version of its outdoor The Terrace TV, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support for its latest sets.

76-inch MicroLED TV

Samsung’s new 76-inch MicroLED TV joins a lineup that includes 110-, 98-, and 88-inch models. The three larger sets are due to arrive later this year, while the 76-inch version is on Samsung’s “future roadmap.”

Similar to OLED TVs, micro-LED displays come with self-emitting pixels capable of delivering vivid colors and perfect blacks. Unlike OLED, however, micro-LED panels are impervious to burn-in.

While Samsung’s earlier micro-LED efforts, such as its massive “The Wall” displays, arrived in separate modules that needed to be professionally installed, the company’s new 4K MicroLED line comes in a single, pre-assembled panel that’s ready for mounting right out of the box. 

Samsung announced the 110-inch MicroLED TV late last year, while it bowed the 98- and 88-inch versions at CES 2021.

Samsung says it hopes the 76-inch model will usher in “more affordable price points” for its MicroLED line, but that doesn’t mean it will be cheap.

For example, the 110-inch MicroLED retails for the equivalent of $156,000 in South Korea, while Samsung’s 98-inch QLED Q900, which is based on conventional LED technology, costs a breathtaking $60,000. It’s also worth noting that while the QLED Q900 supports 8K resolution, Samsung’s MicroLED line is currently limited to 4K.

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