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Save big on a refurbished iPad Pro, and more of the best iPad deals

iPad Magic Keyboard

The iPad is almost certainly the first name you think of when you’re looking for a tablet, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. To help you make your next purchase, we’ve rounded up the best iPad and iPad accessory deals right here. Whether you want a top-of-the-line iPad Pro or to maximize your portability with the iPad Mini, there should be something to suit your needs.

Before we get to the bulk of the deals, it’s worth noting that on the day of publication Woot is running a one-day sale on refurbished iPads. Check it out below.

Today Only: Save big on a refurbished iPad ProiPad Woot Refurbished Deal

The iPad Pro is the best tablet money can buy, and for some people it may even replace their traditional laptop entirely. Today only, you can save hundreds of dollars on a variety of refurbished iPad Pro deals on Woot.

You can save $60 on either the 11-inch or 12.9-inch versions of the newest 2020 iPad Pro. If you don’t need the latest and greatest processors or advanced AR tech, then the 2018 iPad Pro is a great option. The 12.9-inch model is on sale for as little as $719, a steep drop from its original retail price of $999.

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If you just want a big iPad at the most affordable price, then the 12.9-inch model from 2015 is also on offer. The refurbished model is only $459.99, although you’ll probably want to upgrade from 32GB to 128GB for an additional $40. You can also pick up a model with some moderate scratches and dents for only $399.

These are some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on the iPad Pro, but you’ll have to act fast to take advantage of the deals while they last.

Best iPad deals:

  1. 10.2-inch iPad deals
  2. 10.5-inch iPad Air deals
  3. iPad Mini deals
  4. 11-inch iPad Pro deals
  5. 12.9-inch iPad Pro deals
  6. Refurbished iPad deals
  7. iPad accessory deals

New iPads are rarely subject to big discounts, but we’ll keep this list updated whenever we get word of a hot sale. Where you see different pricing on the same model below it’s still worth checking out the deal as it may be on the higher-spec variant.

You can also buy the iPad of your choice directly from Apple, but you can probably expect to pay full price. Outside of the refurbished section, Apple rarely runs top deals.

 1. 10.2-inch iPad deals

Apple iPad 2020 front panel

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The easiest place to start when you’re in the market for a new iPad is with the classic. The latest version of the original iPad, now called the New iPad, packs an A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine and up to 128GB of storage. You can take your pick between gold, Space Gray, and the classic silver.

The New iPad is best if you’re looking for a new tablet with a powerful chip, ample storage, and a large screen but you don’t need the high-end bells and whistles that come with the Pro model.

Check out the best deals available via the widgets below.

You can also check out our 10-year retrospective on the iPad here.

 2. 10.9-inch iPad Air deals

apple ipad air 2020

The iPad Air is more powerful than the New iPad. It swaps the A12 Bionic chip for the more powerful A14 Bionic chip and bumps the screen up to 10.9 inches. Despite improved internals and boosted size, the iPad Air remains wafer-thin at 6.1mm and weighs 1lb.

The iPad Air is essentially an amplified version of the New iPad, so it’s perfect if you want the extra power to get through the day. It also comes in the most colors of any iPad model.

Here’s the best iPad Air deal right now:

 3. iPad Mini deals

ipad mini

Some people prefer a smaller tablet, and Apple created the iPad Mini to fill that niche. The iPad Mini keeps the A12 Bionic chip and the Retina display, but it shrinks everything into a compact 7.9-inch screen. It’s the ideal iPad if your luggage space is limited

You can definitely consider the iPad Mini if you want the smallest and lightest option on the market. Here are a few of your best bets:

 4. 11-inch iPad Pro deals

ipad pro

The final option if you’re looking for a brand-new iPad is the iPad Pro. If you want the cream of the crop in terms of cameras and processing power, the iPad Pro is the one. It features the newest A12Z Bionic chip, dual rear cameras, and the slimmest all-around bezels on an iPad.

The newest iPad Pro is as close as it gets to a tablet that can replace your laptop, so it’s the option to check out if you plan to use your iPad for work.

 5. 12.9-inch iPad Pro deals

Apple iPad Pro 2020 standing home screen

If you want to maximize your size along with your specs, the larger iPad Pro is the route to take. It features the same specs including the new 10MP ultra-wide camera and 12MP wide camera with a LiDAR scanner. The larger size and slightly higher starting price are the main differences when it comes to making your decision.

You can go for the larger iPad Pro if you truly want to replace your laptop without sacrificing too much of the screen size. Here are the best deals you can choose from:

 6. Refurbished iPad deals

refurbished iPad deals

Though Apple offers a variety of brand-new iPad, you can also go with a refurbished option if you really want to save some money. The best place to look for refurbished iPads is Apple, where you can save up to $80 on select models. Apple sometimes has offers on the iPad Mini, Air, and even the previous generation of the iPad Pro. However, it appears that a refurbished Apple Pencil is your only option right now.

You can see if any refurbished options are right for you here:

Amazon also offers a few refurbished options on older iPads. You can browse them here, or find some big savings on refurbished models from Dailysteals here.

 7. iPad accessory deals

Apple Magic Keyboard Case

There are tons of ways you can customize your iPad with great accessories from both Apple and third-party manufacturers. A keyboard is a must for any productivity workflow, while the Apple Pencil is a great option for creative professionals. You can also check out our full round-up of the best accessories you can get for the iPad.

Here are some of the best current deals we could find on iPad accessories:

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