Saturday, June 12, 2021

ServiceNow bets on citizen developers in latest enterprise push

COVID’s erosion of informal mechanisms in the workplace has been a boon for enterprise service management (ESM) vendors. For example, if you worked on a large corporate campus pre-pandemic and had an HR question, you could literally wander the halls to find your answer.

“That world is gone,” said Charles Betz, principal analyst covering infrastructure and operations at Forrester. “That’s why enterprise service management vendors have done very well.”

ESM vendors all saw revenue increase last year, according to Betz, as enterprises recognized the need to publish services in service catalogs where employees working from home could find them.

ServiceNow is among the key ESM vendors profiting from this shift: In January it posted its sixth consecutive quarter of year-on-year revenue growth over 30%. The company has also just posted an update to the Now Platform software on which its ESM offering is built.

The workflow paradigm

ServiceNow’s Now Platform “Quebec” release builds on last September’s “Paris” release, with new tools for process and workforce optimization, and a significant expansion of the development tools for ServiceNow’s low-code platform.

Stephen Elliot, IDC’s program vice president for management software and devops, sees improvements in three areas with this release: allowing enterprises to take advantage of ServiceNow faster; further differentiating ServiceNow’s offering through artificial intelligence and more automation; and a focus on continuous optimization of the way teams work and collaborate.

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