Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Telegram is the latest to copy Clubhouse with its Voice Chats 2.0 feature

Telegram, which rose to immense popularity after the controversial WhatsApp privacy policies, has received a new update and introduced a new Voice Chats 2.0 feature for all. The functionality was previously limited to Telegram groups and has now reached ‘unlimited participants,’ to focus more on audio-based communication Also Read – Clubhouse brings creator accelerator program, new features in the platform: Get Details

Voice Chats 2.0 is nothing but a clone of what Clubhouse (another popular app) has to offer: the ability to conduct live, voice-based conversations. The ability also comes with a number of added abilities for easy audio sessions. Here’s a look at them. Also Read – Instagram could soon bring a Clubhouse clone after Twitter, because why not

Telegram will allow for voice-based chats for all

Telegram users will be able to host Channels for verbal communication. The Channel admins and public groups will be able to do this for millions of people. Voice Chats can be started by heading a particular group of a Channel (you need to be an admin for this)> selecting the three-dotted menu> and tapping for the Start a Voice Chat option. Also Read – Clubhouse will be soon available for Android users, confirms co-founder

The voice-based chats can also be recorded to keep a record of an important session or conversation. The saved chats will be added to the Saved Messages section and can be sent to those who didn’t get to attend the chats.

Image: Telegram

Another new Telegram feature, which is pretty much like Clubhouse and even seen on video-calling platforms, is Raise Hand that will allow you to solve your queries during a live session when they are put on mute. Admins will also be able to see the bio of the people who have raised their hands so that they can have a conversation with them.

Admins of the Channels and public groups can also create links so that people attending the modern-day podcasts by simply clicking on them. Separate links for speakers and listeners can also be made to streamline things.

Additionally, celebrities can join in the chats through their public channels to maintain privacy. The Voice Chats 2.0 is available for both Android and iOS users.

Extra Telegram features

Telegram has also got some additional features to make the user experience better. People can now cancel the forwarded messages (if you have sent them by mistake) and can even change the recipient if you want.

Voice messages can now be heard from where they were left to provide all the convenience to the users. To recall, this feature was earlier limited to long audio and video messages.

Additionally, Android users can now decide which action will be performed (archiving chats, pinning, muting, deleting or marking them as read) upon swiping left. iOS users already have all these functions.

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