Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Twitter-owned live streaming platform Periscope shuts down

Twitter had acquired a social media platform dubbed Periscope back in 2015 but now after a six-year gap, the microblogging platform has now decided to shut the live streaming service. The application has already been removed from both Google and Apple app stores. Also Read – Twitter allows people to add GIFs, stickers to Fleets: How to use?

“We leave you with our gratitude for all the creators and viewers who brighten the Periscope community. We hope to see you all live on Twitter,” Periscope said in a tweet. Also Read – Twitter to soon let users react on tweets via emojis, like Facebook

Most Periscope features will no longer be accessible after Thursday. Although, the company has said that it will continue to host older videos for the foreseeable future. The company has also said that their website will remain online with an archive of public broadcasts and Periscope users will still be able to download their data through the micro-blogging platform. Also Read – Twitter to soon add an undo button to help you edit a tweet but there’s a catch

Twitter had announced that it will be shutting down Periscope in December 2020 after it saw a drastic drop in the number of users on the platform. Six years ago there were only a few applications that would allow users to stream content from their smartphones and even fewer services allowed users to push the live content to their followers as Periscope did. Later, Twitter acquired the application and integrated Periscope into its platform and the partnership continued for 6 years.

The arrival of rivals like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram introducing the live feature on their respective platforms was the demise of Periscope and it’s one of the reasons the platform has been shut.

In December 2016, Twitter added the ability to live stream directly from its platform. Now in order to go live on Twitter, users need to tap the Tweet composer icon, then tap the camera icon and select “Live” from the bottom menu.

“Stay tuned for more Twitter features for creators like Spaces, newsletters, and improvements to Live broadcasting,” Periscope said in a tweet.

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