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Use these blueprints for setting professional goals

The tech skills gap is real and the only way to bridge it is to make a plan to expand your technical skills on a regular basis.

Every workforce survey repeats a growing worry: There’s a big gap between the expertise companies need to succeed with digital transformation and the skill sets of existing employees. Whether the topic is machine learning or robotic process automation, there’s no shortage of new technical skills to master.

This professional education must be a top priority for both the individuals working at a company and the company itself. A recent Monster survey found that managers and employees see this as a joint responsibility. Workers need to make time to learn new skills, and leaders need to support that initiative with dedicated time and financial help.

These TechRepublic Premium resources lay out a blueprint for developing new technical skills for individuals and teams.

This workbook walks you through a comprehensive planning process for setting professional goals. You’ll have the opportunity to look back at the past year’s accomplishments, identify growth opportunities, and set new goals. This resource ensures that individual goals will align with team goals.

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If you’re not sure where to start with your professional development goals, check out this resource. Some languages stay at the top of most in-demand lists year after year but there are always new entrants as well. This collection has recommendations tailored to specific areas of expertise, such as web developers, network admins, mobile app developers, and cloud engineers.

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Documentation is never fun, even if you are recording all the impressive goals you’ve met over the course of the year. This form will make it easier. Schedule time on your calendar each month to complete this task and annual reviews will go much more smoothly. This document has a spot for everything: Projects, KPIs, training, feedback from colleagues, and awards.

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