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Why Apple’s M1 iMac is an excellent enterprise desktop

Apple’s M1-powered 24-in. iMac takes up less space than a standard display, provides the kind of performance you once needed to spend upwards of $2,499 to get (at a fraction of the price), and looks great. Is this the ultimate enterprise desktop?

What you get

I spent a few weeks using one of Apple’s newest iMacs shortly after they were introduced, but circumstances beyond my control cut into my plans for a full review. There have already been many reviews, including these:

  • “A cutting-edge desktop computer that looks fantastic in any setting.” Macworld
  • “Today’s iMac can still play the role of a centralized family computer as my first iMac’s did, but it’s equally good at professional work or sitting on a counter at a retail location.” MacStories.
  • “There’s no doubt this is the best 24in all-in-one computer available and one of the very best Macs you can buy. But it is not perfect.” The Guardian.

All the reviewers agree that what Apple has achieved with the M1 iMac is a product more advanced than the one it replaces, with a tweaked design that marries traditional expectations with an updated aesthetic.

The design manages to combine the old and the new in ways that should satisfy expectations built on both. And it’s just 11.5mm thick, albeit at the cost of an external power brick that’s about the size of an Apple TV.

The design argument

Design matters. You, me, and your employees all feel the difference between using devices built to high design standards and those that are not. That visceral feeling makes a huge difference to the employee experience when working on a computer is what you spend your time doing every day.

Most user surveys suggest high user satisfaction, which makes sense when macOS means both hardware design and software work well together. That can improve employee engagement and may even help retention. The crisp, bright 4.5K display enhances the experience and provides enough screen space to get work done.

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