Tuesday, September 21, 2021

You can now beam Steam games from your PC to practically anyone, anywhere, for free

Valve is significantly expanding your ability to share games at home and with your friends for free using Steam.

One change is the introduction of a Linux version of its Steam Link app, which lets you stream games from a computer to a device with the Steam Link app installed on the same local network. This new Linux version means that you can now stream games from a computer to a Linux-based set top box hooked up to a TV, for example. The app is also available on Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

Valve has also rolled out a big update to its Remote Play Together feature, which lets you stream games on your computer over the internet so you can play them with friends. Just last week, Valve introduced a way to let you play games with friends who don’t have a Steam account, but the feature only let you play with one friend without a Steam account at a time. Now, though, you can play with as many friends without Steam accounts as you want, depending on how many other players a game supports and your network’s bandwidth.

If you want to try the feature, which is in beta, follow the instructions here.

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